Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Camps! =)

It’s 10:30 am at the U&I office, and the only company I have is an annoying Saahas Patil who describes himself as always, as “punctual, hot, masculine, hairy, seductive and sexy”. Yes he ACTUALLY asked me to write all of that!
Anyway, it’s quite eerily quiet out here.
No summer interns.
No over-achieving Simran to run the wheels of the summer camp, no Sadhana and Ektha and the hot and happening Jono to rise up the temperature by a few notches. And here’s the worst part, NO SUMMER CAMPS! L

I’ll miss ALL the awesomesauce interns,each of them adding a splash of colour and vibrance to the summer camps in their own unique manner. I’ll miss Vanilla and Sushmitha and Pappu and Karthik. I’ll miss Ajit,Satish,Sudeepta,Such,and maybe Saahas too. I’ll miss the lunches and the activities and the planning meetings and Urban Solace’s free food. More than anything else however,I’ll miss the friends I’ve made,the relationships I’ve grown to love,and the itsy bitsy teeny weeny difference that each and every one of us has made in the lives of those children. As Ajit always says – for us,it may have been just one amongst many summer camps,but for those kids out there,those were THE most fun,impact-driven,and life-changing moments ever. For those kids out there,it was a passport to dream their dreams,regardless of how currazy and wild and seemingly impossible as they were.
And guess what?
YOU made that happen.

It was just one summer,one month,seven camps,and around four hundred kids whose roads you’ve helped pave towards a brighter tomorrow. And it’s only just the beginning friends,Romans and dirtymen. It’s only just the beginning.

Oh and also, you’re welcome Saahas :P

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  1. Indeed you all have touched the lives of these kids in a manner that is unfathomable :)

    You have stirred in their souls a ray of HOPE, that assures them... that they are not alone,

    that the world is truly beautiful in spite of all the darkness in it,

    that they can still dream BIG & their dreams will one day see the light of day, if they believe!

    My sincere salutations to all of you at U&I for instilling confidence in the infinite possibilities of tomorrow!