Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making a Difference

I’ve always believed that each one of, us no matter how affluent or broke, how busy or jobless we are, have it in us to make this happen. Before you begin to wonder about what I’d say to make a difference to the society, please note that there are many out there who could do mighty great with just a little help from our part.

Honestly, I wanted to do something worthwhile during my semester break. An internship with an NGO was definitely on my mind, but I never thought I would land up as an intern this quickly, but I sure am glad it did, and I’m grateful to U&I for the same. “U&I” is much more than just an NGO where it’s all work and work up to a point where everything just gets plain monotonous. I realized this on the very first day of my internship, (though I haven’t been turning up at office quite regularly).

Children, as most of us are aware, are lively, crazy and perhaps one of the most beautiful creatures on Planet Earth ( or at least I’d like to believe it to be that way) . They have this unique aura around them which is truly inexplicable until you get close to them, that is. I’m not necessarily a great child lover. In fact, the noisy, hyper active ones could be horribly difficult to be around with, I agree.I mean it. So kudos to all those volunteers who actually go through the regular process of teaching English and computer classes to this group of wonderful kids - I honestly think you're brilliant! "U&I” taught me, and has made me realize that I must thank God for the normalcy I have in my life. Yes, not everyone around is as lucky as we are, and somewhere down the line we all know it although we don’t acknowledge it on a daily basis. If we all did, we all would have surely made a difference and the world would have been a much better place for everyone. But wait, I’m not getting into that for that is not the aim of the blog. I just want to make you see what I see,is all.

Volunteering is a great thing - Interning ,even better. I mean, wouldn’t you want to get an insight into how people who are perhaps just half our age struggle with their day-to-day living? And isn't it amazing how just a little active participation from each one of us (even you, since you’re reading this) could indeed make a difference to all these wonderful beings that deserve a life as convenient and full of opportunities like ours?

It’s not difficult. I realized it.

So if you're ready for a memorable experience,you certainly know where to head!=)

Think ahead. Think different ; for you too could make a difference!

On this note,here's wishing you a abso-flippin'-utely Happy New Year!

-Pooja Prabhan

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  1. Thanks Pooja for the candid sharing.

    Being good is commendable. But only when combined with doing good is it useful.