Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Pocketful of Dreams

A Pocketful of Dreams tells the story of a boy who has a dream. The story revolves around Ranjit  and his dreams of being a software engineer someday. With a bright smile and a smart suit, Ranjith plays CEO for a day at a software company in Bangalore. Directed by UK based Film maker Luke Halls and Photographer Mark Sherratt and produced by U&I (a Bangalore based NGO) the film is an initiative to raise awareness,and help Ranjith and many other children like him see their dreams come true. 
The premiere, which was held on the first of  November 2010, was used to raise funds for an education project for underprivileged children called Seeds. Seeds is a project run by TJR in partnership with Oasis.It aims to provide the education and training needed to help these children become employable and get better paying jobs. The event also featured Music by RJ Saggy and the CK band, a dance performance by the Oasis community crew,and a talk by Steve Chalke, founder of Stop the Traffik.

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